Neck Brace DBX 3.5 Junior

Neck Brace DBX 3.5 Junior

SKU: kidz-neckbrace-3.5

Latest in the Leatt range! A light, rigid and non-flexible structure that offers revolutionary protection that is great value for money. Leatt neck braces are tested and proven to help reduce neck forces and thereby your risk of a serious neck injury by up to 47%. It is adjustable to fit most riders and has a collarbone cut-out that keeps your helmet and the brace away from fragile bones during a crash. All Leatt neck braces are CE tested and certified as Personal Protective Equipment. Next step up would be our 5.5/6/6 neck brace that offers the same safety but with a lot more adjustability for your custom fit.

  • Spec:

    • Independently tested and proven to reduce neck forces

    • Up to 47% reduction of risk for a serious neck injury

    • Rigid, non-flexible polyamide reinforced EPS platform for lowest possible neck forces

    • CoreFlex split rear thoracic strut is more comfortable and designed to work with the body’s natural movements

    • Thoracic rear strut is engineered to snap off before applying excessive pressure to the back

    • Optimal helmet rim striking platform design for a biomedical balanced head and helmet freedom of motion

    • Adjustable rear thoracic strut to fit most body shapes

    • Sculptured, split front for improved comfort and fit

    • Engineered collarbone cut-out to help keep your helmet and brace away from your most fragile bones

    • Air flow ribbed body padding for optimum ventilation

    • Free, optional clear chest strap included

    • CE tested and certified as Personal Protective Equipment 89/686/EEC

    • Weight: Estimated 497g (1.1lbs)

    • Please look at our sizing chart for best fit