Smooth Tire Insert

Smooth Tire Insert


Smooth by Slicy is an anti-pinch flat tyre insert. It’s made of high density closed cell EVA foam, the Smooth is designed to protect your rims from impacts and your tyres from pinch flats.

– easy mounting  – cut to desired format (29, 27.5 or 26 inches)
– protect rims from impacts and damages
– anti-pinch Flat system
– help to finish your run flat
– run lower pressures. Increase your grip
– designed for a perfect air and sealant flow inside the tyre
– high density closed cell EVA foam
– cannot absorb any sealant
– Lightweight

– No need for special tubeless valves
Features :
Smooth 130 gr ( 29″)Tyre width : 2.2 to 2.6Rim width : from 25 to 35mmThickness : 15mmSmooth PLUS165 gr (29″+)Tyre width: 2.7 to 3.0Rim width : from 35 to 45mmThickness : 15mm

  • Mounting :

    1/ Cut to desired format (29, 27.5 or 26 inches) (29″ = no cut needed).

    2/ Stick both ends with the double-face adhesive tape.

    3/ Add the velcro strap.

    4/ Insert Smooth inside the tyre (as easily as an air tube).

    5/ Add sealant (normal dose).

    6/ Close and inflate the tyre.